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The use of Residential Investment of Commercial Hard Money Bridge Loans has become an essential tool for Real Estate Investors that require the speed and accessibility of the funds to close a real estate investments in today’s real estate market.
They don’t want to pull their credit reports and show late payments, charged offs, bankruptcy, short-sales, etc., they just want to close quickly to take advantage of the transaction or their balloon payment expires soon and they want to keep the property.
We can provide Approvals within 24 Hours and Closing as Fast as 5 Days in our hard money loan programs with No Upfront Fees!

We only need an appraisal and clear title to close. On our loan information sheet we do not need your social security number or we will not required a credit report.


We will never charge any upfront fees, the only thing that you pay is for due diligence fees (Appraisal,etc)

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