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Multi-Family Conventional Loan Programs

US Commercial Funding offers a variety of loan programs customized to fit whatever your need in today’s market conditions. Depending on your specific requirements we can provide your with a loan funded by a CMBS or Insurance Company to provide you with the lowest rate and terms available nationwide.

 Apartment US34 Program

  • Loans From $500,000 to $5 Million

  • 15, 20,25 Year Amortization

  • 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 Year Fixed Rate Terms

  • Monthly or Annual Leases Accepted

  • A, B and C Property Types Accepted

  • Maximum LTV 80%

  • Minimum DSCR 1.20:1

  • Limited Impound Requirements

  • Mobile Home Parks Eligible for Apartment Loan Program with 15+ Pads


Commercial US34 Loan Program

  • Loan Size  $500,000 to $25 Million

  • Owner Occupied Properties or Investor Properties

  • 15,20,25, & 30 Year Amortization

  • 3,5,10,15 Year Fixed Rates

  • Up To 75% LTV / 75% CLTV

  • Cash Out to 40% of Loan Amount

  • Minimum Impound Reserves

  • Recourse and Non-Recourse Options

  • Minimum 660 Credit Score

  • Low Minimum 1.25 DSCR



Commercial US25 Loan Program

  • Loan Size $250,000 to $5 Million

  • Owner Occupied Properties or Investor Properties

  • Up to 90% LTV on Purchases

  • Up to 85% LTV on Refinances

  • Cash Out on Refinances Up To 75% LTV

  • Cash Out to 40% of Loan Amount

  • Low Minimum 1.25 DSCR


We offer many options on Conventional Commercial Mortgages to most situations that are not shown in this page. To better determine what is the best program for you, please call one of our Commercial Mortgage Consultants to analyze it.


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